IPPF – Publishing

Over the past few years I have helped the charity IPPF design numerous different publishing resources on a range of topics. These include reports, guides and ‘toolkit’ publications, funding bids and presentation aids.

Sample pages from a 90 page education ‘toolkit’ guide recently produced. The project involved producing hand drawn graphics, treating low quality photography in a way it could be utilised alongside high quality photography, and also creating and photographing mock ups of content produced by activity sessions described in the guide.

A short report publication highlighting recently funded youth projects:

Publication examples:

Below: Two examples from a series of information sheets recently produced:

Funding Bids:
These documents are produced as report style publications and regularly contain complex information, requiring me to work with the client to develop diagrams, tables and other ways of presenting information, as well as pull together content from many different sources and reproduce it as a professionally designed publication. I have helped produce a few of these publications, with one successful bid securing £100million of for the charity. Unfortunately I am unable to host examples of these publications due to the sensitivity of some of the information submitted.

Presentation aids:
A selection of large format infographic posters produced as presentation aids for speakers at the charity’s annual donor’s conference:

Project Aim: Infographics, Print, Publication, Web Content
Client: IPPF